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360 Video
Virtual Reality has been the next big thing for too long. What are the low-threshold ways to get started?
Music and Poetry
Sometimes the pelicans swoop over the Pacific in Laguna. They combine the sea and sky like the folding of two hands.
Data, Stories, and Elections
Anxiety flows from uncertainty. Data promises a solution. It won't solve the problem.
Billy Collins Poetry Videos

The poetry of Billy Collins has quite a reach on the internet. There is a false dichotomy between poems that are reasonably direct and easy to take in and notions of intellectual complexity and depth. I love Collins, for thumbing the eye of such pompousness.

Walking Audio Tours
Using mobile phones and geotourism platforms, assignments can link media production with physical space
Teaching Writing as Shop Class

I’ve been considering the writing classroom as a studio for a while, an approach that has great promise if only for the counter-force it applies to the analytical inertia of most language arts pedagogy. It’s hard to fall back on consumption and analysis when making stuff becomes the main activity of the class—a point particularly helpful when working with media. Over time, I’ve modified my thinking about this studio model to put back some analysis, ending up with a core of activity/making (maybe 70 or 75%) woven through with threads of analysis and critique.