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1997 - 2019
Studio for Instructional Technology and English Studies
Pedagogical Research
Digital Humanities
Graduate Education

The Studio for Instructional Technology and English Studies (SITES). As Director of SITES, I developed a number of program meant to further digital research and teaching. Key focuses ranged from digital rhetoric to instructional technology to digital literature to teacher training.

Selected highlights include:

The development of web-based tools to support the teaching of writing and literature. Creating this suite involved faculty and graduate students in tool building activities. This work is crucial for educators wishing to shape the experience in ways that transcend the one-size-fits-all limitations of most platforms. See historical examples.

Driving pedagogical integration for UNC-Chapel Hill's student laptop program. As part of this work, we developed FACET, a file exchange platform linked to peer review. Some of the laptop-related work is captured in "Integrating Laptops into Campus Learning: 
Theoretical, Administrative and Instructional Fields of Play

Developing platforms for conference participation and peer review. Using a model coined as peersourcing, we developed the PIT Journal, a venue for undergraduate publishing that relies on crowdsourcing to distribute authority among submitters, reviewers, and editors. These efforts resulted in a number of platforms developed for the international Computers and Writing Conference.


Digital approaches can be evolutionary but should be revolutionary